Who We Are

Dense Breasts Canada (DBC) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2016. DBC is made up of breast cancer survivors and healthcare professionals dedicated to: raising awareness about the risks associated with dense breasts and advocating for breast density notification and optimal breast cancer screening.


To increase awareness among women, doctors and nurse practitioners of the risks associated with dense breasts.

To convince health authorities to report breast density to family doctors, nurse practitioners and women.

To convince health authorities to provide ultrasounds to women in Category D (Extremely Dense Breasts) and to women in Category C with a family history (Heterogeneously Dense).


Most women do not know their breast density. Over 3 million women in Canada, over age of 40, have dense breasts. DBC wants to educate women about the importance of knowing their breast density and the implication of having dense breasts.

Why breast density matters:

Women with dense breasts have a higher chance of developing breast cancer: Dense breasts are an independent risk factor for cancer. Women with the densest breasts are 4-6 times more likely to get cancer than women with fatty breasts. The higher the density, the higher the risk of cancer. Studies show that having dense breasts is an even more significant risk factor than having a family history of breast cancer.

Mammograms are very important but they are NOT enough for women with dense breasts. Mammography can miss up to 50% of the breast cancers in the highest category of density. Women with dense breasts can benefit from additional screening. The use of ultrasound, in addition to mammography, can decrease the number of missed or delayed cancer diagnoses.

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