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I had my first mammogram at age 40. I didn’t have a family history of breast cancer, I was young and healthy, so when the results came back normal, I was relieved, and just moved on. A few months later, I felt a small lump in my right breast. I didn’t worry too much-I had…

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I first learned that I had dense breasts in 1999. I was just 36 years old and I found a lump in my right breast. After my first-ever mammogram, I was told it was not cancer, but that I did have dense breasts. Nothing further was said, but I do recall thinking it was kind…

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I used to walk by a local park with a picturesque section devoted to breast cancer survivors with a feeling of empathy for these women and a sense of relief that I was not part of that group. Being in excellent health with no background of cancer in my family, I assumed that I would…

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Hi my name is Joy Veinot and I am from the beautiful south shore of Nova Scotia. I was diagnosed with stage 2A invasive ducal carcinoma July of 2013 at the age of 51 years. I am a nurse and I work with people with special needs and I also work at a senior’s facility.…

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My message to women who have dense breast tissue is to ensure your health care team is aware of the information on this website. In my case, a screening mammogram found cancer. However, that mammogram, as well as follow up imaging – tomosynthesis, magnification views, and ultrasounds – failed to identify a second invasive tumour.…

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I found a malignant, triple negative tumour in my breast in 2012, at age 49, a few weeks after receiving an all clear letter from the mammography program I’d been examined by yearly since surgery for a large adenoma in 1999. I’d been told once years before by my GP that my breasts were dense…

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In 2017, at age 50, I received a letter inviting me to go for my first mammogram. My family doctor received a copy of the results and informed me that everything was fine. Two years later, in 2019, I received my second letter and went for a mammogram in September. The next day, my breasts…

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I watched my mum suffer through cancer of the maxillary sinus and eventually die, at 52 from a resulting brain tumour. This introduced me at an early age to the horrors of cancer, the treatments involved and the toll it took, not only on my mum but the whole family. This is why I have…

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For my entire adult life, I was aware that my breasts were very ‘lumpy’. I was not large chested, and I could feel many bumps and rope like tethers – especially on the right side. The left side was lumpy too, but those lumps felt easier to ‘memorize’. I breastfed on my right side and…

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