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My gosh, so happy for this group. I too have dense breasts. At my first mammogram, at the age 40, I was told, “you have dense breasts.” Not really getting any more information on that, I went for regular annual mammograms. Sixteen years later, which was a year ago, I had some unusual symptoms: inverted…

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I had nipple discharge for as long as I could remember. When I was pregnant (2000), I noticed that it was a brown discharge from my left breast. The doctor assured me that it was the hormones of being pregnant so when I again noticed the discharge from that same breast, again we assumed it…

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My story is a little different as I have known for years I’ve had dense breasts – heterogeneously dense, to be precise. This is because my GP told me years ago that my breast tissue made it more difficult to detect cancer. I assumed all doctors discussed this with their patients. Given my mother’s history…

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In July 2014 I found two little lumps on my breast while showering. Weird because I hadn’t noticed them before; it was like they had ‘floated’ up to the skin’s surface overnight. My GP thought it may be hormonal and said she would book an ultrasound, but to give it a month and if they…

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