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I felt what I thought might be a lump in my breast about three years ago. I brought this up to my family physician, and he felt it as well, and we booked a mammogram. It came back clear, but saying I had dense breasts…ok……so it’s clear. A year later, another mammogram, again, it’s clear.…

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I was originally told I had dense breasts about 8 years ago (2010). After having my screening mammogram, the tech asked me to wait while the radiologist checked the film. “Nothing to worry about, you just have dense breasts”, she assured me. I was 53. Come February 2017 I discovered a lump in my left…

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I had been having annual mammograms since I was in my 30’s because of the number of women on both sides of my family who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Year after year, the mammograms came back clear and I was assured that I was cancer free. In September 2013, I felt a small…

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I met a friend at a local farm market on September 4th, 2013. She was out socially for the first-time post-mastectomy. The next morning, I was in the shower and remembered how diligent I used to be with self-examination, but since menopause I had been relying on mammograms every two years. As I ran my…

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I would very much like to stress the importance of women being proactive with their health, especially when it comes to their breasts. Mammograms are important, but they don’t catch everything, especially if you have dense breasts. I was diagnosed at age 52 with stage 3A DCIS breast cancer. I had dense breasts and was…

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I went for my regularly scheduled mammogram in April of 2014. The notice I received for my appointment for my mammogram stated that I was to be screened annually because I had dense breast tissue. This was the first time I had heard that term. When I had my mammogram in Regina, I told the…

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I am 49 years old. I’ve been having annual mammograms since 40. I was always told that my breast tissue was very dense, but I had no idea of the implication, or how this might affect me and the chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer. I had felt a lump in my right breast…

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Sept. 2015: I had a routine Mammogram in Vancouver, BC. Having fibrous breasts, I generally got checked every 2 years. Oct.  2015: The mammogram report said “all clear” – see you in 2 years. Nov. 2015:  During a routine physical exam, my general practitioner detected a small lump in my right breast. He ordered an…

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In April 2013, I discovered a very small, pea-like lump on my left breast in the shower. I wasn’t too alarmed as most of these small lumps could be benign cysts.  However, I knew I wanted to check it out with my family doctor. My family doctor wasn’t concerned at all, but decided I should…

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