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My name is Lorraine and I am from beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  I became a Canadian citizen in 1998, but was born in South Africa. I had my first ‘lump’ in my left breast, two years after the birth of my first child, while still living in South Africa way back in 1981. I remember…

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For years, I was told I had cystic breasts, just normal lumpy breasts. I cut back on coffee, tea and chocolate. I was also told there is no such thing as a painful tumour. Cancer tumours don’t hurt right? Wrong. A few years prior to my Stage 4 de novo diagnosis, my GP, the mammography…

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Cathy’s breast density story is different from most. She lived in Toronto for a few years, and her family doctor there sent her to a specialist in 1983 because she had already had one benign breast tumor removed at age 23. She was told she had polycystic fibrous breasts that were denser than normal, and…

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It is with great sadness that we write about Nancy’s death on November 15, 2018. Nancy died from complications related to bone marrow cancer that was a result of her aggressive chemotherapy 13 years ago. She will continue to inspire us. Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D. is founder of Are You Dense, and Are You Dense Advocacy…

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I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. The last time was ten years ago. The first time was at the age of 23. I underwent a left radical mastectomy for a highly aggressive grade three breast cancer. I remained cancer free until 12 years later. At that point, I had two beautiful daughters. I had…

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I was getting annual mammograms for 20 years since my mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 1995. I’ve had very lumpy breasts for as long as I can remember and doctors kept telling me this was normal and to cut down on my caffeine to alleviate tenderness. My breasts at the time…

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My gosh, so happy for this group. I too have dense breasts. At my first mammogram, at the age 40, I was told, “you have dense breasts.” Not really getting any more information on that, I went for regular annual mammograms. Sixteen years later, which was a year ago, I had some unusual symptoms: inverted…

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I had nipple discharge for as long as I could remember. When I was pregnant (2000), I noticed that it was a brown discharge from my left breast. The doctor assured me that it was the hormones of being pregnant so when I again noticed the discharge from that same breast, again we assumed it…

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My story is a little different as I have known for years I’ve had dense breasts – heterogeneously dense, to be precise. This is because my GP told me years ago that my breast tissue made it more difficult to detect cancer. I assumed all doctors discussed this with their patients. Given my mother’s history…

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