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Breast Cancer Basics, and What You Need to Know About Screening

Telus Talks host Tamara Taggert in conversation with Dr. Paula Gordon

Do you know if you have dense breasts?

Dr. Gordon: Women in BC are lucky but all women deserve the same health care

Cofounder Jennie Dale presents on outdated and inconsistent Canadian breast screening practices

Dr. Paula Gordon and DBC’s Executive Director discuss issues with breast screening in Canada

Dr. Gordon: A message to Premier Ford of Ontario

Dr. Gordon: 40 seconds of advice on breast cancer screening

Dr Gordon: What I see every week

Dr. Gordon: What you need to know about the breast cancer screening guidelines

Dr. Gordon: Why the Task Force was wrong not to recommend self-exams

Dr. Gordon: Concerns some women have about mammograms

Dr. Gordon: What women with dense breasts need to know

Dr. Paula Gordon: Making an Informed choice – harms and benefits of mammography

Dr. Paula Gordon: Why women in their 40s need mammograms

31 days has Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 31 facts about Breast Density

So what’s the fuss?

Knowing & understanding your #BreastDensity | Dense Breasts Canada

Ann Hill shares her story

Dr. Paula Gordon: Optimal Breast Cancer Screening and Why We Don’t Always Get It

Breast Cancer Basics and What You Need to Know About Screening

Breast Screening: We Can do Better with Dr. Paula Gordon

Breast Screening-Getting it Right! Experts Weigh in.