What Is Breast Density?

Each woman’s breast composition is unique. Every woman has fat, glands and fibrous tissue in her breasts, but the proportions of each vary from woman to woman and cannot be seen without a mammogram. There are 4 categories of breast density.

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why breast density matters

Why Breast Density Matters?

Dense breasts make it harder for doctors to spot cancer because both cancer and dense breast tissue appear white on mammograms. A camouflage effect is created.

Finding Out My Density

What If I Have Dense Breasts?

Discuss your density category and any other risk factors such as genetics, family history, and previous biopsies so that your overall cancer risk is understood.

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Screening for Canadian Women with Dense Breasts

The following screening tests are described below:  Mammography, Ultrasound, 3D Ultrasound (ABUS), MRI, Tomosynthesis.

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Get the Facts. Did you know Canadian breast cancer screening guidelines are misleading, dangerous and based on flawed studies?