Since I was 40, I had a mammogram each year, which failed to detect any cancer. At 48, I felt a lump, which was determined cancerous by way of ultrasound and confirmed by biopsy. Once again a mammogram was performed, but with “C” density, the cancer was not visible. I was told that, based on the size and spread, the cancer had likely been growing for the prior 4-5 years (!)

I subsequently had a partial mastectomy, which was unsuccessful, and then went on to double mastectomy and reconstruction. No chemo or radiation, so I consider myself very fortunate.

The BC Cancer Screening centre continued to send me mammogram reminder notices for two years after my surgeries. Clearly these agencies do not connect with one another.

The evidence shows that it is overdue for women with dense breasts to be able to obtain an ultrasound annually, just as with mammograms.