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Since I was 40, I had a mammogram each year, which failed to detect any cancer. At 48, I felt a lump, which was determined cancerous by way of ultrasound and confirmed by biopsy. Once again a mammogram was performed, but with “C” density, the cancer was not visible. I was told that, based on…

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When I found a lump in my breast one evening before going to bed, it knocked me to my knees.  My husband had encouraged me to visit our family physician that week because of how unusually tired I was, although I had not recognized the changes in my own body.  As soon as I felt…

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Sometimes during that time of the month I had irritated, burny nipples (which isn’t overly uncommon) but I started noticing that the right nipple stayed irritated longer than the left, and that the skin on my nipple was sometimes flaky. I figured it was just maybe an allergy to something. I went to my family…

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Today is February 22, Dense Breast Awareness Day. Many women, including myself are completely unaware of the necessity of determining their breast density and how it relates to a potential cancer diagnosis. During my many mammograms, which started at 40, because of my family history, I was told that I had dense, difficult to read…

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In February 2019, I found a small lump – the size of a split pea – in my breast. I wasn’t particularly worried as I was only 46, which doesn’t even qualify me for a mammogram. In Alberta, you only start getting a mammogram every other year once you turn 50. It’s no wonder I…

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In April 2020, I found a lump in my breast. Because of the global pandemic, I couldn’t see my family physician in person so I went to urgent care instead. When the doctor saw me, he told me that I should not worry as I don’t have any family history. I asked him to investigate…

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When the radiologist came into the room carrying a biopsy tray, I was hit by a sense of dread as I was not expecting to see it or him. While preparing a biopsy needle, the radiologist was caring and compassionate.  As he disinfected my skin and placed sterile drapes on the area, he asked “Have…

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I found a lump in my right breast Feb 2019. The mammogram did not indicate it the day I went. I had dense breasts. My GP had requested an ultrasound along with the mammogram. The breast clinic declined the request. I left concerned but was reassured that my age 51 it was most likely a…

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Clare was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer at the age of 50. I started having yearly mammograms at the age of 41 due to my significant family history. These were always reported as clear. I was never told I had extremely dense breast tissue even though this was reported in each and every one of…

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