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My name is Gaynor Hart. I’m a wife and mother of two young daughters, now 11 and 13, living in Nova Scotia. I work full time as a corporate clerk in a busy law firm in downtown Dartmouth. I’m writing to the Standing Committee on Health to share my story regarding the breast cancer screening…

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Carolyn was invited to submit her story (below) to the federal government health committee’s study on women’s health. As well, Carolyn just appeared on CBC Radio White Coat, Black Art and spoke so eloquently about her breast cancer experience. She has been through so much and she does not want any one else to have…

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My story begins when I was 53, in the early months of 2018. I noticed that I had lost weight and was concerned because a) I wasn’t trying to lose weight and b) I was post menopausal which makes weight loss challenging. At that point I had lost 10% of my body weight in a…

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It was March 17th 2019, St Patrick’s Day–a beautiful Sunday almost spring morning in the city. My husband Robert was away at a family funeral in Jamaica. It was going to be a day just for me. As I slumbered in the morning sun, thinking about how I would spend my day I decided to…

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My breast cancer story is one of dense breasts and possibly a tumour developing in my late 40s. Up until May 19, 2023, I was considered not to have an increased risk for breast cancer, according to the Canadian Task Force guidelines; no family history, no genetic mutations, and no previous chest radiation and was…

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My name is Fernanda. My cancer journey started at an annual physical at my family doctor’s office in November of 2022. I was 49 years old. I had zero health concerns. In fact, I was in, what I thought was the best shape I had been in since my teens. I was working out 4-5…

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In Memory: Ursula

About Me I am a 49 year old wife and mother of two daughters. I work in Education as an Administrative Assistant in Kitchener, Ontario and have been living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, exercise, and staying active. My Breast Cancer Story One morning as I was showering I felt a lump in my right…

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My name is Tracey. I am 50 years old and live in Waterloo, ON with my husband Jason, and three daughters: Amanda (age 21), Ella (age 20), and Lily (age 15). We also have two dogs – Levi and Winston. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2019. I started getting screened for breast…

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“Thank God for a Nightmare” – My Breast Cancer Story Background: On November 7, 2023, I realized it was the one-year anniversary of my breast cancer surgery in Edmonton. My lumpectomy, or “segmental resection”, was performed after five long months of chemo treatments. I didn’t know going into surgery if the sixth and final chemo…

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